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   There comes a time when we all feel the need to share our experiences with others... and it was this idea which triggered my intense desire to share the passion of my life, amber, with others.
    This is not just a recent passion – rather I have dedicated my entire life to the processing of amber and the production of products made from amber. The yellow colour symbolises the sun, its kindness, wisdom and warmth, which might be the reason why I was so overwhelmed by amber to the degree that my aspirations, ideas and goals seem to have no end. I am sincerely delighted to see that this passion of mine has not remained merely a hobby, but has developed into a family business and educationally valuable projects. I am also happy to see that my hand-made products have reached such far-away countries as China, Mexico, Italy, Iran, Australia and others. In the long run I have become not only a devotee of traditional crafts but also a sponsor of the beautiful Amber Route BC initiative, and a contributor to the organisation of expeditions and different events. Making products made from amber gives me a sense of pride that will always remain both a new discovery and a challenge for me at the same time. Every morning I am completely overwhelmed by a desire to improve further and to create something new and unique. I am proud that the processing of amber, so often referred to as the gold of the Baltics, is developing into my family business and a very nice tradition.
    This internet site has been created with the intention of sharing my joy, my immeasurable love for amber, and to boast of my achievements, rather than for marketing purposes. This is why you will find no price lists here. However, you are always welcome to acquire any of my products by contacting me by email, or visiting my market stall in Trakai, where you can find me in the summer season.
    I looking forward to our meeting in the future.

                                                                                               Sergiejus Stankevičius